Harmony restored

Jen Ward guides a profound healing journey, turning psychic attacks into empowerment, and reclaiming peace through spiritual resilience.


In a profoundly transformative private session with a client, Jen Ward, a world-renowned energy healer, navigates through a landscape of emotional turmoil and psychic attacks with grace and profound insight. The session begins with the client sharing a recent trigger related to a divorce petition, hinting at the undercurrents of psychic battles tied to a “narcissistic dynasty.” Jen, with her characteristic empathy and spiritual depth, interprets this moment as a synchronistic opportunity for healing, emphasizing the universe’s support for the client at this critical juncture. She introduces the concept of being “knocked off our center” as a common human experience, guiding the client through powerful energy-clearing taps to reclaim stability and peace.

As the session deepens, Jen skillfully addresses the psychic assaults directed at the client, employing a series of taps designed to counteract and protect against these energies. She invokes childhood resilience through the metaphor of “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” elevating it to a high spiritual principle of deflecting negativity. The session intricately weaves through releasing the effects of bullying, intimidation, and psychic attacks, empowering the client to expand her energy field and fortify her sacred space against intrusive energies. Jen’s guidance illuminates the distinction between addressing harmful energies and engaging in psychic manipulation, ensuring the client’s actions remain aligned with spiritual integrity.

The culmination of the session marks a profound shift in the client’s energetic stance, moving from victimhood to empowerment. Jen’s masterful approach transforms the crude vibrations of attacks into a powerful assertion of sovereignty and protection. By dismantling the psychological and energetic mechanisms of oppression, she enables the client to resonate, emanate, and interconnect with all life from a place of badass divine beingness. This session not only highlights Jen Ward’s exceptional healing abilities but also serves as a testament to the power of spiritual resilience in the face of life’s most challenging adversities, embodying a beacon of hope and empowerment for those navigating their own psychic and emotional battles.

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