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Unlocking empowerment in a transformative session, Jen Ward guides a journey from frustration to realizing one’s warrior spirit and future potential.


In a profound and transformative private session facilitated by the world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a client embarks on a journey to reclaim their inherent empowerment on a day that holds personal significance for Jen—the anniversary of her liberation. This day, described as a portal of exceptional potential, is leveraged by Jen to elevate the client’s awareness of their own empowerment, especially highlighting the frustration and anger stemming from unmanifested potential. The session delves into the exploration of the client’s dualistic nature, contrasting their native warrior essence with their current state, hindered by societal and familial expectations. Jen’s approach is deeply empathetic, aiming to bridge the gap between these aspects to foster a more coherent and empowered self-identity.

Jen employs a unique blend of energy healing techniques, including vocal sounds and targeted affirmations, to facilitate a profound realignment within the client. She taps into the client’s warrior spirit, encouraging a connection with their deeper, more primal aspects of strength and courage. This is juxtaposed against the client’s struggles with contemporary societal norms and the frustration of feeling powerless within them. Through this process, Jen aims to recalibrate the client’s perception, urging a shift from seeing themselves as mere participants in their life to being active, empowered architects of their destiny. This recalibration is not only meant to address immediate feelings of discontent but also to lay a foundational understanding of personal empowerment that transcends current circumstances.

The session’s culmination points towards a future where the client is envisioned as embodying the qualities of a Navy SEAL, drawing on the SEAL Creed as a source of inspiration and a benchmark for personal conduct. Jen’s guidance transcends the immediate concerns of adolescence, offering a vision of the client’s potential that is anchored in discipline, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. Through a series of affirmations and the clearing of energetic blockages, Jen not only addresses the client’s current state of being but also opens pathways for future growth and achievement. This session stands as a testament to the transformative power of energy healing, offering a beacon of hope and empowerment for the client and potentially others who might find resonance with this journey.

Quotable Quotes

“Your purpose is larger than life we both know that. I feel that I hold it for you.”

“You have the integrity and the ability to not do that and not allow others to do that. And you don’t have to say a word. You just do it in energy.”

“People are starving for a physical representation of what I am energetically. And you and your present embodiment are capable of being all that.”

“The whole purpose of having empowerment is you never have to wield it against another. But at the same time, you never taken for a punk either.”

“This is the zone that you need to stay in for you. And when you’re not feeling like that, ask me for some taps.”

“You feel that love? You feel that, that love that you have for your father, that respect you have for both of them.”


00:00:00 A Journey of Empowerment and Transformation
00:01:57 Tapping into Your Warrior Spirit
00:05:30 Embracing the Navy SEAL Creed
00:12:47 Navigating Personal and Professional Dreams
00:25:33 Overcoming the Teenage Mindset
00:35:01 Resisting the Ego's Sabotage
00:39:16 Navigating the Journey
00:40:24 A Spiritual Alignment
00:42:18 Tapping into Higher Consciousness
00:44:41 Confronting Inner Monsters
00:48:32 Empowerment and Distractions
00:51:04 Recreational Habits and Their Impact
00:54:42 Closing the Door on Monsters
00:55:15 Perceiving Energy and Empowerment
00:56:34 Aligning with Direct Knowing
01:01:16 Physical and Psychic Clearing
01:12:08 Samurai Code and Military Mindset
01:21:16 Concluding Thoughts

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