Earth love and healing

Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward explore transcending lower consciousness, embracing sincerity, integrity, kindness, and compassion, and the path to world peace on Earth Day.


In this thought-provoking Earth Day special, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward from Jenuine Healing delve into the deeper aspects of our connection with the planet and the path to world peace. They emphasize the importance of transcending lower states of consciousness and embracing sincerity, integrity, kindness, and compassion as the foundation for uplifting all atoms of life.

The hosts share personal dreams and insights that highlight the ongoing struggle between those who seek to keep humanity trapped in lower consciousness and those who strive for spiritual growth. They discuss the role of SFT tapping in dissipating negative energies and empowering individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Throughout the video, Marvin and Jen explore the concept of elementals, the need to repair Earth’s energy, and the importance of recognizing humanity’s role as caretakers of the planet without becoming enslaved to it. They also touch upon the healing relationship between the Earth and the Sun, and how embracing higher consciousness can lead to a more harmonious existence for all.

Quotable Quotes

“There are factions on Earth that benefit from us not observing global warming and such.”

“It is the birthright of 8 billion people on the planet to transcend into higher consciousness and to exist in the physical plane on this earth almost like a Garden of Eden.”

“You can’t solve some of these social issues by them versus us. You have to address them at higher consciousness.”

“If you’re trying to play the game of peace through the moves on a chessboard, it’s going to fail, trust me.”

“The pathway to peace is right in front of you. It’s in your hands. All you need to do is grab it.”

“Earth is in complete harmony and tranquility with all those in agreement with higher consciousness; in all moments.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Earth Day Background
00:01:38 Dreams and Lower Consciousness Entrapment
00:04:52 The Importance of SFT Tapping
00:06:04 Humanity's Birthright and Higher Consciousness
00:17:23 Caretakers of Earth without Enslavement
00:19:27 Elevating Social Issues through Higher Consciousness
00:22:06 Elementals and Repairing Earth's Energy
00:29:22 Thwarting Attempts to Snuff Out Elementals
00:32:17 Putting Man's Bravado Back in His Pants
00:56:28 Challenging Religious Dogma
01:02:06 The Pathway to World Peace
01:11:34 Earth Mandates Higher Consciousness
01:14:28 Sincerity, Integrity, Kindness, and Compassion
01:22:26 Healing the Sun and Earth's Relationship
01:27:51 Closing Thoughts and Reflections

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