Fountain of youth master class

Discover the secrets to igniting perpetual youth through SFT tapping, DNA upgrades, and cellular regeneration in this profound Fountain of Youth Masterclass hosted by Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider.


In this groundbreaking Fountain of Youth Masterclass, Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider take viewers on a profound journey towards unlocking the secrets of eternal youth. Inspired by the cutting-edge research of geneticist David Sinclair, they explore how SFT tapping can ignite perpetual youth by releasing trauma, upgrading DNA, and accessing the original zygote for optimal health.

Throughout the event, Jen and Marvin delve into the power of intention to reverse aging at a cellular level, offering a synergy between Western and alternative medicine. They emphasize the importance of living in joy, love, and purpose, as well as expanding one’s heart and trusting in its safety.

With a series of powerful SFT taps, this Masterclass provides viewers with the tools to embark on their own journey towards the fountain of youth. By harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, Jen and Marvin demonstrate that eternal youth is not just a dream, but a reality waiting to be unlocked by those willing to embrace higher consciousness.

Quotable Quotes

“The fountain of youth everyone is looking for is the perpetual well of love inside that causes them to outflow and live their purpose, giving to others.”

“People have a choice right now whether they stay in lower consciousness with old habits and belief systems or if they change their vantage point and agree to higher consciousness.”

“If you’re going to blow out your mind, make sure you have your heart to catch you. You blow up the mind and operate from the heart.”

“These are basic laws of physics as we have agreed to them, but it doesn’t mean they have to be that way.”

“Healing your body and having thousands of years of lived experience should be a pleasant experience.”

“If they understood the SFT tap and how they can tap into the psyche to manifest their understandings quicker, that would be amazing.”

“Did you feel the spaciousness inside like you went from being a condensed linear conglomerate to, ‘Wait a minute, there’s space here’?”

“Having access to all that love is more expansive than any thought.”

“The goal is not to get out of the body but to stay in the body and expand consciousness to be everywhere at once.”

“To walk through walls, you need to validate inanimate life, see yourself as equal to the atoms that make up the wall, and ask for their agreement to separate and move through them.”

“You have to be in agreement with all life, including inanimate, to get profound abilities.”


00:00:00 Introduction to the Fountain of Youth Masterclass
00:01:13 Jen's Explanation of the Fountain of Youth
00:03:32 The Science and Metaphysics of DNA
00:06:57 The Power of Tapping for Upgrading Humanity
00:12:00 Believing in the Power of Energy Work
00:14:17 Explaining SFT Tapping at a Mechanical Level
00:16:31 Beginning the SFT Tapping Session
00:20:31 The Collective Impact of Tapping
00:22:15 Releasing Negative Experiences and Beliefs
00:43:03 Explaining Curses and Blessings in Aging
00:44:50 Releasing Agreements to Degenerate or Die
00:51:41 Repairing and Restoring Cellular Functions
00:56:59 Commanding Stem Cells and mRNA for Regeneration
01:05:53 Thwarting Cellular Dysfunction and Protecting Skin
01:10:45 Resetting the Body to Optimal Health and Perpetual Youth
02:05:18 Concluding the Tapping Session
02:05:29 Discussing the Impact of the Tapping Session
02:06:25 The Relationship Between Metaphysics and Spirituality
02:09:26 Expanding Consciousness While Maintaining Corporeal Form
02:11:30 The Importance of SFT Tapping for Releasing and Grounding
02:12:29 The Goal of Staying in the Body and Expanding Consciousness
02:18:47 Thanking Participants and Encouraging Feedback
02:19:09 Testing the Effects of the Tapping Session on the Body
02:19:46 Closing Remarks and Farewells

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