Autocrats, dictators and powermongers

Expose autocrats, dictators, and power mongers as agents of disempowerment with this powerful SFT tapping session to promote universal empowerment and world peace.


In this eye-opening video, Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward delve into the world of autocrats, dictators, and power mongers, exposing them as agents of disempowerment that feed off fear energy and hold the collective in a state of disempowerment. Through a powerful group SFT tapping session, they guide viewers on a journey to remove energy from these power structures and promote universal empowerment.

Marvin and Jen emphasize the importance of taking initiative and standing up to power mongers in energy, highlighting how this is a stepping stone to universal empowerment. They also discuss the current situation in Russia and the potential for a global fervor for freedom, leading the group through additional taps focused on this specific issue.

Throughout the session, the hosts share insights on the true nature of power mongers and the illusion of their untouchable power. They remind viewers that the intention behind their work is to ignite universal empowerment and uplift 8 billion people on the planet, ultimately promoting world peace. This engaging and thought-provoking video is a must-watch for anyone interested in energy healing, personal empowerment, and global transformation.

Quotable Quotes

“When someone takes more than what they’re giving, they’re taking it from somewhere else, someone else, and they’re suffocating the rights of other individuals.”

“The suffering happening on the other side of the world is being felt by the individual.”

“These kinds of people cannot stand being derided, diminished, or exposed for the pathetic petulance they are.”

“It’s not about replacing one power monger with another stronger, younger, healthier, meaner one. It’s about preventing this perpetuation of power mongering and allowing power mongers to cannibalize each other.”

“The idea of World Peace is not a socialist agenda. It is simply a reflection of 8 billion people living in universal empowerment.”

“Imagine if everyone, in their own genre, was living that joy of their purpose. That’s what World Peace is, that synergy.”

“Even if you’re selfishly interested in your own peace, it’s hard to experience peace when your neighbors, both in close physical proximity and metaphorically, don’t experience peace.”

“The intention here is probably the most clear intention for world peace that you might find out there.”

“To experience world peace, you have to raise your vantage point and ignite universal empowerment.”

“The most important thing, though, is to share it. Share the link to the video amongst your social network.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:01:46 Agents of Disempowerment
00:03:17 Importance of Taking Initiative
00:04:38 Power of Group Tapping
00:06:07 How SFT Tapping Works
00:09:19 Reading from "Igniting Universal Empowerment"
00:15:10 Addressing Current Events in Russia
00:18:36 Challenging Viewers to Try the Taps
00:19:44 Explanation of the Taps
00:22:10 Beginning the Tapping Session
00:57:43 Additional Taps for the Current Situation in Russia
01:16:24 Closing Remarks and Discussion
01:24:47 The Importance of World Peace
01:28:34 Sharing the Video and Its Impact
01:30:53 Conclusion and Call to Action

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