Addressing the 40 hidden reasons why you are depressed

Explore 40 hidden reasons for depression and learn transformative SFT taps to address core issues, fostering emotional healing and empowerment.

I am more encouraged by people feeling depressed than I am with someone who is blissfully undaunted by current events in the world. If you are depressed, it means you are tapped into the collective and you feel the plight of others, even if you don’t see their faces or hear their stories. You have compassion for an unknown tragedy. That is fertile ground to embrace the expansiveness of who you are.

If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, maybe you spent your night holding the hand of children who were poisoned in war or comforting the grieving on the other side of the world. Maybe you were holding up hope for the discouraged. If you awaken with some of the dust of their anguish upon your brow, so be it. It is better to taste their tears than feel the cruel sting of indifference.

Medicate if you must. Or just be reassured that there are eddies in the different currents of life that take place beyond your four walls. You, in your sensitivity, can soar beyond the wall of linear mediocrity to hold out a hand to others crying out for help. Or offer the warmth of an embrace to someone who is desperate for some human kindness.

Perhaps wear your depression as homage to those who will never have the luxury of worrying about a mood disorder in this lifetime. They may be too busy scratching in the dirt for food, huddled together for safety, or on a trek with no end trying to find a place they can call home.

Depression? I am more skeptical of those who do not feel depression or anxiety of some kind. What I really wish is that there was a medication for those who are apathetic to the anguish of others. Those who advocate for power with little concern about the outcome–I wish there was a pill for them if only they would take it.

When someone goes into depression, it can be so subtle that they don’t even realize it is happening. Depression is the quicksand of our emotional wellbeing. One moment, we feel like we are on solid footing. The next moment, the very ground seems to be sinking below us.

There are clinical reasons for depression that are well documented. But what if the clinical explanation of what causes depression is not the cause but the reaction to core issues? Depression seems to be such a mystery to the one experiencing it. Everyone’s biochemical makeup and life experiences are so uniquely different that addressing the core beliefs underpinning the depression may be a more effective means of pulling the person out of depression.

Below are 40 core reasons why humans that are striving to awaken would be depressed. After each reason listed is a specific SFT tap you can do to address the core issue. This exercise is a shortcut to years of traditional and past life regression therapy.

Read the 40 causes below. After each one is an SFT tap. Say the SFT tap after each sentence a total of five times. Say the sentence three times while tapping on your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

Yawning, crying, a sense of relief or sudden sadness are all evidence that there is a shift happening in your energy. Also, the more you resist doing the taps, the more evidence you have that the tap is exactly what will help you feel better.

You are feeling the pain of the collective without realizing the connection.
We release experiencing the overwhelming pain of the collective; in all moments.

You are still subscribing to outmoded beliefs where some individuals are deemed more important than others.
We remove ourselves from the hierarchical system of self-worth; in all moments.

You are reliving past life death and trauma without realizing it.
We release the trauma of dying; in all moments.

You are operating from the muscle memory of being enslaved or a victim.
We remove all engrams and muscle memory of being subjugated; in all moments.

You are missing your tribe.
We release mourning our tribe; in all moments.

You are mourning your empowered self in a more stealth body than your human body.
We reactivate our dragon body; in all moments.

You feel helpless without your wings.
We reattach our wings; in all moments.

You realize that there is a whole aspect of understanding that seems to be lost on most people.
We release being surrounded by ignorance; in all moments.

The world doesn’t seem to be rising to the occasion of greeting you as you awaken.
We release feeling let down by humanity; in all moments.

The ego is playing mind games to prevent you from figuring out how empowered you truly are.
We remove all the mind f@%ks; in all moments.

You are distracted from your spiritual purpose by fixating on the problems of others.
We release distracting ourselves with savior complex; in all moments.

You sense your empowerment, but it’s not validated by others around you.
We release waiting for permission to be empowered; in all moments.

Everyone around you seems to want to pull you down a notch so they don’t have to have an example of awakening shoved in their face.
We release being pulled down in vibration to those in spiritual denial; in all moments.

You hear the pleas of those suffering in energy. You haven’t figured out how to help them.
We shift our paradigm from feeling the suffering of others to spontaneously releasing it; in all moments.

You listened to the wrong channel and you got wrong information.
We release being guided by nefarious intentions; in all moments.

You believe the lies of those who still choose power over love.
We strip all illusion off of liars with nefarious intentions; in all moments.

You sense the psychic manipulation that happens in energy.
We thwart all psychic manipulation that derails our own happiness; in all moments.

You are still looking for answers outside of yourself.
We release looking to others for the answers that we find within; in all moments.

You sense the importance of this present life but still feel like you are missing something.
We remove all blockages to fulfilling our highest potential in this present incarnation; in all moments. 

You still are under the assumption that humans are more important than other forms of life.
We release rejecting the myriad of sweet relationships with those other than humans; in all moments.

You are oblivious to the chain reaction of millions of miracles a moment that have brought you to this point.
We release overlooking the millions of miracles happening around us; in all moments.

You are denying the sacred altar of the moment by fixating on the past or future.
We release being distracted from the sacred altar of the moment by the past or the present; in all moments.

You still have the illusion that a certain want or desire will fulfill you.
We release all fixation on primal want and desire; in all moments.

You believe you need things that you do not need.
We shift our paradigm from “need” to “have”; in all moments.

You ignore the voice of your higher self.
We remove all blockages to listening to the innate wisdom of our higher self; in all moments.

You have been trained to sabotage yourself by criticizing yourself.
We release internalizing the berating taunt of critics; in all moments.

You wish bad things for others which brings that same intention to you.
We release engaging in schadenfreude; in all moments.

You have given your power away and don’t know how to get it back.
We take back our power; in all moments.

You are waiting to be saved by a third party.
We release waiting to be saved; in all moments.

You are being distracted by conspiracy theories.
We release looking for truth in a linear, ominous way; in all moments.

On some level, you are choosing fear over love.
We shift our paradigm from fear to love; in all moments.

You have forgotten who you are.
We remove all blockages to embracing our omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence; in all moments.

The coping methods of denial are so thick that you can’t break through to your own truth.
We break free from the sarcophagus of denial that we have entrenched ourselves in; in all moments.

You are confusing the nothing state of higher love in negative terms.
We release processing the nothing state of higher love as a negative; in all moments.

You live in a world where male energy is more valued than female energy.
We release the disparaging imbalance between female and male energy; in all moments.

You realize we can never truly be awakened unless female energy is respected as much as male energy.
We emulate female energy to her rightful place as equal to male energy; in all moments.

You have ignored the cries of nature.
We repair all communications and reverent bonds with nature; in all moments.

You stopped listening to the wisdom of the trees.
We remove all blockages to remembering the wise council of the trees; in all moments.

There are big egos in the world trying to subjugate all of humanity to their will.
We immediately and thoroughly knock all nefarious megalomaniacs on their ass that attempt to thwart the awakening of humanity; in all moments.

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