Be a visionary

Break free from limiting beliefs. Embrace visionary thinking. Imagine a world of boundless potential: healing, unity, and limitless creativity. Dare to dream.

We limit each other all the time. This statement is limiting in itself. 

Language started out in the caveman days to convey vital information. But any time one puts a cap on the actions of another or holds the other person’s experiences as truth, we are all held to the lowest common denominator. Only the lowest bar is achieved.

How many times have we all heard: “You are going to get sick if you…,” “If you don’t do this you will…,” or “You will fall and break your neck if you…” We aren’t even putting our own experiences on others; we are burdening the human spirit with fears we have grandfathered in from wherever.

The four-minute mile, breaking the sound barrier, every stride in civil rights were all thought impossible to achieve. It took someone seeing beyond the immediate horizon to raise the bar for all, and for others to agree that it was a worthy reality. All it takes is someone, anyone, to hold true to a higher vision and for others to open up their consciousness to allow it to manifest. It may start out as a door cracked open but there will be a tipping point to where it becomes a universal belief. And when resistance is met and the opposing view screams louder, it is evidence that the consciousness is being stretched into realization.

Here are some of the visions I hold. Please feel free to hold them with me.

  • Spontaneous healing
  • Disease wiped out of the analogues of human experience
  • Joy, love, abundance and freedom for every individual
  • Communicating through nonverbal cues
  • Every being supporting each other
  • Accessing energy sources that don’t deplete the planet
  • People thinking and creating for themselves
  • Everyone contributing their gifts
  • All life, including plant, animal and mineral being valued
  • Interplanetary travel and community
  • Mass forms of control and manipulation being wiped out
  • Nature being valued and protected
  • Universal kindness resurfacing on a mass scale
  • Music, dance and self-expression being the norm

Please don’t mistake a visionary for someone in denial and feel the need to point out all the ills in the world. I am not naive. I have consciously witnessed atrocities that would keep many adults up nights. But I have also seen and loved past them. So can everyone if they choose. Light can only be snuffed out for a while but it is eternal. Light and love always prevail.

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