Awakening the inner child

Navigating twin dynamics reveals unique emotional landscapes, where competition meets deep connection, challenging the balance of individuality.


“Awakening the Inner Child” is a profound Jenuine Healing private session facilitated by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, designed to guide young twins through a journey of deep emotional healing and spiritual rediscovery. In this session, Jen employs her intuitive healing techniques to gently uncover and nurture the inner child within the twins, addressing past hurts and offering a path toward emotional freedom and clarity. Through a combination of energy work, tapping exercises, and compassionate guidance, Jen creates a safe and supportive environment for the twins to explore and release the emotional blockages that have been hindering their spiritual and emotional growth.

The session begins with Jen connecting on a deeply personal level, encouraging an open dialogue about the the twins’ current emotional states and challenges. She skillfully guides them through a series of tapping exercises, a technique that combines vocal affirmations with physical taps on specific body points to release trapped energies and emotions. These exercises are tailored to address specific issues, such as releasing sadness, fear, and feelings of being energetically controlled, thereby facilitating a process of healing and rebirth. The twins are led to rediscover the joy, innocence, and freedom that come with reconnecting with their inner child.

Throughout “Awakening the Inner Child,” Jen Ward’s empathetic approach and spiritual insight shine through, making the session not just a healing experience but also a transformative journey of self-discovery. The twins leave with a renewed sense of self-love, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of their emotional landscapes. This session is a testament to Jen’s ability to bridge the physical and spiritual realms, offering a beacon of hope and a roadmap to those seeking to reclaim their inner peace and joy.

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