Surgery from a cat’s perspective

Explore the profound link between emotional trauma and physical health in pets with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward’s healing insights in ‘Surgery from a Cat’s Perspective’.


In this video, viewers are introduced to a unique and deeply insightful pet healing session conducted by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward. The session revolves around a cat named Mary, who had undergone surgery but was not showing signs of improvement. Jen, through her empathetic and intuitive approach, delves into the cat’s experience, revealing that Mary’s struggles are not just physical but deeply rooted in emotional trauma. The session starts with an exploration of the cat’s post-surgery condition, where Jen discovers the significant impact of the owner’s thoughts and the cat’s own existential issues on its health.

Jen’s insights bring to light a different perspective on veterinary care, highlighting the emotional distress Mary felt during her surgery. It is revealed that the cat experienced a sense of violation and trauma, feeling treated as inconsequential and not as a sovereign being. This part of the session emphasizes the importance of empathy and emotional validation in veterinary practice, suggesting that Mary’s physical symptoms were exacerbated by the emotional and psychological trauma experienced during the surgery.

The video concludes with Jen employing her unique healing techniques to address Mary’s deep-seated emotional trauma. This approach underscores the significance of treating emotional health in tandem with physical health, especially in pets. Furthermore, the session touches on broader themes such as the impact of emotional well-being on physical health in animals, highlighting issues like boredom, loss, and the need for emotional fulfillment. The video is not only about a cat’s recovery journey but also serves as a profound exploration of the interconnection between emotional and physical health in pets.

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