The alchemy of parenting

Transform parenting struggles into connections and growth with SFT, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and love in your family dynamics.


“The Alchemy of Parenting” is a transformative session that delves into the heart of familial relationships, offering profound insights and practical techniques for healing, growth, and empowerment within the parenting journey. Guided by the principles of Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT), this session navigates through the complexities of emotional baggage, generational patterns, and the dynamic interplay between parent and child. It serves as a beacon for parents seeking to foster a nurturing environment that promotes mutual respect, understanding, and love. The session underscores the importance of emotional release, addressing deep-seated fears, inconsistencies, and the challenges of navigating parenting roles with empathy and strength.

At its core, “The Alchemy of Parenting” is about transforming the base elements of parenting struggles into the gold of deeper connection and spiritual awareness. It acknowledges the multifaceted roles parents play and the intricate dance between guiding and letting go. The session provides a toolkit of SFT taps tailored to release negative patterns and foster positive dynamics, emphasizing the power of spoken affirmations to shift energy and consciousness. By engaging in this process, participants are invited to break free from past limitations and embrace a more empowered stance in their parenting journey, one that honors both their needs and those of their children.

Furthermore, “The Alchemy of Parenting” extends its wisdom to the spiritual contract between parents and children, suggesting that these relationships are not arbitrary but are chosen for mutual growth and evolution. It encourages parents to see beyond the immediate challenges of parenting, to the deeper spiritual lessons and opportunities for personal transformation that these relationships offer. Through this lens, parenting becomes an alchemical process of turning challenges into opportunities for growth, healing, and deeper love. This session is not just a guide for navigating the practicalities of parenting but a journey into the heart of what it means to grow together as a family, transforming individual and collective pain into healing and wholeness.


00:00:00 Opening Thoughts on Aging and Emotions
00:00:51 Deep Dive into Emotional Release and Realizations
00:02:31 Navigating Challenges with Children
00:04:21 Exploring Past Lives and Spiritual Connections
00:10:10 Parenting Techniques and Understanding Children's Needs
00:16:18 Addressing Reading Challenges and Engaging Children
00:19:37 Releasing Inconsistencies and Embracing Parenthood
00:23:21 Transforming Childhood Perceptions and Parental Relationships
00:31:36 Exploring Parenthood and Sovereignty
00:33:40 Addressing Tribalism and Embracing Equality
00:39:18 Releasing Ego in Parenting
00:41:45 Addressing Secret Resentments
00:51:09 Fostering Mutual Love and Respect
00:53:37 Elevating to Higher Consciousness
00:56:10 Supporting Good Teachers and Protecting Children
01:04:20 Removing Blockages to Unconditional Love
01:06:53 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude

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