Addressing childhood issues

Explore childhood healing with Jen Ward. Watch a transformative session on emotional challenges and energy healing for children’s growth and empowerment.


In this insightful video, hosts Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider explore the complex realm of childhood issues through a unique energy healing session. They focus on a seven-year-old boy who has been working through various personal challenges. Jen’s approach is both intuitive and empathetic, delving into the child’s aversion to certain activities and uncovering deeper emotional and behavioral patterns. Throughout the session, Jen communicates with the child in a manner that is both gentle and direct, addressing his issues with a blend of spiritual insight and practical advice. This method reveals a deeper understanding of the child’s behavior, not just as isolated incidents, but as reflections of broader emotional and spiritual dynamics.

Marvin Schneider adds an additional layer of depth to the discussion by emphasizing the importance of parenting in higher consciousness. He and Jen explore how the mother’s approach to parenting, focusing on energy dynamics between her, her son, and her daughter, plays a pivotal role in the family’s overall dynamic. The video highlights the significance of understanding these family energy dynamics and how they can be navigated to enhance the child’s emotional and spiritual growth. This aspect of the session is particularly enlightening for viewers interested in conscious parenting and the impact of familial relationships on a child’s development.

The video culminates with a powerful demonstration of how energy work can lead to profound changes in a child’s life. Through Jen’s guidance, the boy undergoes a series of energy taps – a technique used to release negative emotions and past traumas. These taps address various issues, from disrespect towards his dog Buddy to challenges in listening to and respecting teachers. The session not only provides immediate relief and behavioral shifts in the child but also offers long-term strategies for the family to continue this healing journey. This transformative experience is a testament to the effectiveness of energy healing in addressing deep-rooted childhood issues, making the video a valuable resource for parents, educators, and anyone interested in holistic approaches to child development.

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