Getting out of your body

Explore your true essence with Jen Ward as she unveils why spiritual awakening lies in embracing, not escaping, your physical existence.


In this video, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, challenges the prevalent spiritual notion that enlightenment and greater awareness are found outside the physical realm. She argues that the pursuit of astral travel and out-of-body experiences overlooks the fundamental truth of your existence: you are vast, energetic being experiencing life through physicality, not in spite of it. This compelling session dispels the myth that you need to escape our bodies to access a higher state of consciousness, offering a profound reminder that the physical realm is not a limitation but a vital aspect of your spiritual journey.

Jen eloquently describes your multi-dimensional nature, encompassing the astral, causal, mental, and etheric layers of your existence. These dimensions represent the emotional, historical, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of your being, respectively. By illustrating your complexity with the metaphor of Russian nesting dolls, Jen emphasizes the integration of these layers as essential to understanding and operating in the physical world. This visualization helps to grasp the concept of your physical form as the most tangible expression of your broader, energetic self, grounding you in the reality that your physical presence is the ‘latitude and longitude’ of your spirituality in higher realms.

The essence of Jen’s message lies in the power of embracing your entire being—acknowledging and harmonizing your emotional states, historical records, mental processes, and spiritual energies—within your physical experience. This holistic approach counters the disconnection many feel from their spiritual essence, guiding you towards a more integrated, balanced existence. By shifting your focus from trying to escape the body to fully inhabiting it with awareness and alignment, Jen offers a pathway to a more profound understanding and expression of your true self, emphasizing that you are already equipped with everything you need to connect with the universal essence, deeply rooted in your very being.

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