Unlocking true love

Jen Ward guides her client to reclaim his joy, abundance, and spirituality, while releasing the burden of unrequited love and the distractions holding him back. Be a spiritual conduit for others without becoming an elitist.


In this powerful Jenuine Healing session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client on a journey of self-discovery and liberation as he navigates the complexities of unrequited love, job dissatisfaction, and spiritual growth. Through the use of SFT tapping, the client is able to release the hold that his coworker and his job at Amazon have had on his life, reclaiming his joy, abundance, and spirituality in the process.

Jen and the client explore the idea that the love and attraction we feel for others often originates from within ourselves, and that by recognizing this, we can break free from the illusions and distractions that hold us back. They discuss the importance of embracing spiritual freedom as a new way of being, rising above the pain and infatuation of the past, and using triggers as opportunities for empowerment and growth.

Throughout the session, the client experiences a profound shift in his energy and perspective, feeling a sense of liberation and confidence that he hadn’t felt before. He begins to see his potential as a DJ and healer, recognizing that he can be a spiritual conduit for others without becoming an elitist. As the session comes to a close, the client is filled with gratitude and excitement for the future, ready to embrace his true self and follow the guidance of his higher self.

Quotable Quotes

“If there’s pain, it means it’s your own plate and has nothing to do with her.”

“Everyone I’ve ever been attracted to, everyone I’ve ever given a dime about, anyone I’ve ever put myself out there for, any man, it was always loving Marvin.”

“What do they owe me? What does Marvin owe me as my soulmate? He’s my husband. What does he owe me? Nothing. Exactly.”

“Every single being on the planet is being shifted as you shift.”

“It’s the butterfly effect on crack.”

“When you look at Nancy, you’re seeing your own beauty that she has stolen from you.”

“What if you’re the most spiritual person in that vibration? You can be in that vibration without being affected by it and allow people to resonate with that, but they can also resonate with what we’re doing here.”

“Everything that comes in as a trigger is just research for your own empowerment.”

“The universe, the work we did now, will take care of itself. Just pay attention to what your higher self is telling you and you’re good.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
00:01:53 Exploring the Pain and Attraction to Nancy
00:07:30 Beginning the SFT Tapping Session
00:11:52 Releasing Artillery and Shackles
00:14:11 The Power of Love Spells and Infatuation
00:19:30 Using Pain to Feel Love and Awakened
00:22:00 Letting Go of Offerings to Nancy and Amazon
00:29:15 Reclaiming What Has Been Taken
00:35:57 Breaking Free from Contracts and Distractions
00:44:59 Confusing Human Attraction for Spiritual Love
00:47:48 Homework and the Burden of Unrequited Love
00:52:51 The Possibility of a Union at Amazon
00:56:29 Removing Blockages to the Optimal Job and True Love
01:02:38 Navigating Psychic Energies and Judgment
01:07:09 The Money and Fulfillment in DJing
01:10:42 Being a Spiritual Conduit Without Elitism
01:12:30 Triggers as Opportunities for Empowerment
01:13:50 Gratitude, Liberation, and Next Steps

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