Breaking free from poverty consciousness

Jen Ward guides her client to break free from poverty consciousness, embrace his genius, and infuse spirituality into his music to inspire others in this transformative healing session.


In this powerful Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Through powerful tapping affirmations, Jen helps the client break free from the shackles of poverty consciousness, release limiting beliefs, and embrace his innate genius.

Throughout the session, Jen encourages the client to infuse spirituality into his music, recognizing his unique ability to inspire and uplift others. She also addresses the client’s relationship concerns, emphasizing the importance of self-love and releasing patterns of pushing others away.

As the session unfolds, the client experiences a significant shift in energy and a renewed sense of purpose. Armed with the tools and insights gained from this transformative experience, he is ready to step into his power as a spiritual DJ and become a beacon of divine love for all those who cross his path.

Quotable Quotes

“You have an intelligence beyond normal ranges and you may even be above the fray as far as that goes, you have this kind of genius that’s not tapped into yet, and you know that, right?”

“People are starving for their spirituality to show up in mainstream and you could do it through spirituality and music or spirituality and rapping.”

“On some level, you’re confusing poverty consciousness as spiritual, and the more you search for your spirituality, the more entrenched you seem in poverty consciousness, because at some point in some lifetime people believed that poverty was spiritual.”

“You honor them by pulling other people up who are stuck in the drugs, stuck in the unworthiness, stuck in the poverty, you pull them up, you show them how it’s done and you don’t have to do them words or anything, you just do you and the vibration, they’ll catch the vibration of that.”

“Life is to be enjoyed, so if something is in your way, it’s only to tell you to like do the energetic cleanse on it and get it out of your way. That’s it.”

“You can be the snowplow of divine love to go through life to the energetic cleanse and and things that need it and just keep going and divine love.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:39 Moving Out of Karmic Grooves
00:03:12 Delving Into New Territories
00:05:34 Releasing Poverty Consciousness
00:12:19 Untapped Genius
00:16:13 Ego's Role in Limiting Success
00:20:17 Closing Portals to Drug Addiction
00:26:50 Confusing Success with Being Out of Control
00:33:55 Removing Lower Vision of Self
00:35:33 Removing Messiah Consciousness
00:41:14 Pushing Away Partners
00:46:39 Being a Focal Point for Spirituality
00:58:38 Connecting Torture and Rumination
01:04:36 Sharing a Meaningful Song
01:11:53 Addressing Relationship Concerns
01:20:52 Significant Shifts and Progress
01:25:01 Being a Snowplow of Divine Love
01:27:59 Conclusion

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