Unlocking divine beauty by transforming from within

Explore transformation with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, as she addresses past life issues and unlocks inner beauty and worthiness in a powerful healing session.


In this powerful showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, we dive deep into the world of energy healing and self-transformation. Join us as we explore the journey of releasing past traumas and negative beliefs that have held us back. Through tapping techniques and energetic cleanses, you will uncover the hidden layers of your being, shedding the shackles of self-doubt and embracing your true beauty and abundance. Discover how to break free from the cycle of self-sacrifice and step into a life of empowerment and fulfillment. If you are ready to release the burdens of the past and unlock your inner beauty, this episode is for you. Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the joy and lightness that awaits.

Show notes

  1. Sensitivity to Energy:
    • Understanding an individual’s innate energy sensitivity.
    • Introduction of the practitioner, a seasoned Reiki expert, and their integral use of energy work.
  2. Reiki and Energetic Cleansing:
    • The practitioner’s background in Reiki and the significance of energetic cleansing.
    • The use of taps for releasing negative energies, involving specific phrases and body tapping.
  3. Extracting Negative Energies:
    • The necessity of removing negative energies for effective healing.
    • The importance of full engagement in the process, minimizing distractions.
  4. The Power of Taps:
    • Personal reflections on using taps for self-healing.
    • How to incorporate taps into daily routines, with references to the SFT lexicon.
  5. Peeling Away Layers:
    • The concept of uncovering layers of negative energy and emotions.
    • Exploring past issues, including past lives and unresolved traumas, through taps.
  6. Letting Go of Shame and Guilt:
    • Taps focused on releasing deep-seated feelings of shame and guilt.
  7. Uncovering Past Life Traumas:
    • Identifying and addressing past life incidents through specific taps.
  8. Empowerment and Purpose:
    • Discussion on living with purpose and finding empowerment.
    • Exploring pathways like podcasting, YouTube, or consultancy for positive impact.
  9. Diet and Physical Health:
    • The role of diet, particularly avoiding lectins, in physical well-being.
    • The practitioner’s journey towards a raw vegan diet and lectin-free alternatives.
  10. Releasing Physical and Emotional Traumas:
    • Using taps to confront and heal from physical and emotional traumas.
  11. Embracing Self-Validation:
    • Taps focused on cultivating self-validation and dispelling feelings of unworthiness.
  12. Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs:
    • Addressing and recanting deep-rooted beliefs like poverty or obedience through taps.

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