Unlocking divine beauty by transforming from within

Explore transformation with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, as she addresses past life issues and unlocks inner beauty and worthiness in a powerful healing session.


In this eye-opening Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides a client through a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. By addressing deep-rooted issues stemming from past life experiences, the client begins to release emotional and energetic blockages that have been holding her back from embracing her true beauty and purpose.

Through a series of powerful SFT tapping exercises, the client recants limiting vows, removes engrams and muscle memory associated with past traumas, and starts to tap into her own inner abundance. Jen emphasizes the importance of outflowing energy, sharing one’s gifts, and living in alignment with one’s purpose to achieve true fulfillment and abundance.

This session serves as a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and create the lives we desire. By doing the inner work and releasing the layers of conditioning that no longer serve us, we can step into our power and shine our light brightly in the world.

Quotable Quotes

“Some people might want to have a session with me and know their inner compass says have a session with Jen. And the ego is pulling them away saying, no, don’t do this, because the ego knows they’re going to change and outgrow the ego’s control.”

“Everything I’ve been through in this lifetime and many lifetimes was honing me with compassion, understanding, insight, so I know exactly what that person is going through and how far I can push them without pushing them too far.”

“You have these beautiful women who dress to the nines, gorgeous, and they’re not attracting men, and they don’t know why.”

“So, someone who’s really beautiful doesn’t do that. They don’t separate themselves and just put their beauty forward. They show you the whole thing. And that makes them exponentially beautiful.”

“You were born into the enemy and you’re like, okay, born into slavery, this is what this is, life is supposed to feel this bad. Now, for the first time you’re understanding, no, I’m the empowered being. I make up what kind of life I have.”

“And so the more that you outflow, the more that you will realize that you receive inwardly, and not because someone gave you a great job, or someone thought you were cute or someone saw how great you were. Bullshit. It’s always that inner you doing it so you’re tapping into your higher self and your own abundance.”

“Do you really hear? Do you really know how beautiful you are and how your light shines up and lifts a room?”

“So, the beautiful thing about knowing that you took a vow of martyrdom is that you did this to yourself. You’re not a victim of anyone else. So, that’s how powerful you is, that you kept yourself down.”

“Can you imagine how cool this world would be if more people would do these private sessions and just get this done for lifetimes?”

“So, if you wait for the abundance to come, you’re sitting in victim or passiveness and that’s just stagnant energy. So you know you’re empowered being, so let’s do this. Okay?”


00:00:00 Introduction to Jenuine Healing Private Session
00:03:50 Addressing Self-Image Issues and Past Life Experiences
00:08:26 Releasing Blockages to Finding the Right Career Path
00:11:11 The Importance of Projecting Inner Beauty
00:12:37 Beginning the Private Session with the Client
00:17:57 Exploring the Client's Motivation for the Session
00:21:49 Releasing the Trauma of Being Stabbed in the Back
00:27:48 Letting Go of Linear Jobs and Embracing One's Purpose
00:32:00 Removing Blockages to Tapping into One's Own Abundance
00:41:14 Removing Engrams of Being an Undesirable
00:44:40 Releasing the Belief of Being Ugly
00:54:04 Recanting Vows of Martyrdom, Solitude, and Self-Deprivation
01:07:50 Recanting Vows to the King, God, and Marriage
01:10:33 Recanting Vows to the Enemy, People, and Power
01:13:14 Pulling Oneself Out of Hell and Transcending Ugliness
01:15:34 Reflecting on the Session's Impact and Next Steps

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